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Workshop on Black and Postcolonial Feminisms and the Law at Sciences Po Paris (17 June 2015)

« Of Feminisms: a discussion on black and postcolonial Feminisms and the law »

With special guest speaker: Professor Ratna Kapur (Jindal Global Law School, India)

Conveners/presenters: Emily Jones, Oriane-Jill Aoust, Bérénice K. Schramm
In attendance/discussants: Professor Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet and Professor Horatia Muir Watt

On 17 June 2015, as part of the Sciences Po Paris’ annual Semaine Doctorale Intensive, Emily Jones, Bérénice Schramm and Oriane-Jill Aoust organized under the supervision of Prof. Emmanuelle Tourme Jouannet a workshop aimed at discussing key elements of black/person of colour and postcolonial feminism and the impact this has had and should have on law. Prof. Ratna Kapur provided an enlightening account of postcolonial feminisms and (international) law. Key concepts such as intersectionality were presented and debated with the audience, in particular its importability in other contexts than the American one.

In addition to slides providing inter alia quotations of seminal pieces on those topics, the workshop made use of video excerpts to introduce the audience to important figures of African-American feminism and French Muslim feminism:
Audre Lorde. The Berlin Years from 1984 to 1992 (Dagmar Schultz, 2012). More information on the movie can be found here and to order it: 20’22 – 21’10; 29’37 – 32’50; 47’50 – 49’30
– Black Female Voices: Who is Listening – A public dialogue between bell hooks + Melissa Harris-Perry‬, The New School, NYC (8 November 2013)7’50 – 9’40;, 1’22’35 – 1’23’15; 48’45 – 50’15. 
Interview de Zahra Ali, Esprit d’Actu (2012):
2,13 – 2,41; 7,50 – 9,18; 10,15 – 11,02

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