2nd Int’l Colloquium of MA/PhD Students in Feminist Studies / Gender Studies / Women’s Studies

2nd International Colloquium of MA and PhD students and in Feminist Studies / Gender Studies / Women’s Studies 
« We must all be feminists »: Feminism takes up space [21 OCT 2016, FLUC-Coimbra]
Call for Papers | Deadline June 30, 2016
After many decades of activism for the causes of women and against gender discrimination, as well as of theoretical reflection and studies on the various issues that relate to women and the so called sexual minorities, feminisms have multiplied, travelled extremely distinct paths, acquired new places of enunciation, new formulations, new concepts, new and often contradictory forms of plural action. From the so-called radical feminisms to feminisms dubbed mainstream, or incorporated by the market and the media to more or less aggressive reactions of the various patriarchies, feminisms have certainly transformed, on a global scale, the way of thinking societies, taken on an indelible space in knowledge production in a broadly transdisciplinary perspective and in the development of forms of public and collective intervention in various fields. This evolution can and must be enhanced by a self-reflection and discussion on achievements and defeats, routes developed and to be developed, obstacles faced  and possibilities unfolded, the past, present and future of a field of knowledge and activism whose fertility is as expressive as the social and political necessity of its purposes.

Following the 1st Postgraduate Feminist Studies Colloquium “Feminist Studies: The Future of the Past”, which took place at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra in 2012, the Doctoral Programme in Feminist Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra invites MA and PhD candidates from various fields, working on issues related to Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies (GFWS), to participate in this reflection, with paper proposals or artistic interventions (performances, videos, mini-exhibitions, etc.)  under this theme and/or in some of the lines set out below. Paper proposals, with a maximum of 2000 characters (including spaces), and artistic intervention proposals, whose description also cannot exceed 2000 characters and must include, if appropriate, sample images or videos, must be submitted on this platform, through the form, until June 30 at the latest.
The decision on acceptance of the proposals shall be notified until early September. The Colloquium’s working languages are Portuguese, English and Spanish.

– Feminist theories and epistemologies
– Gender, sexualities and discourses
– Gender, sexualities and rights
– Genders, races and ethnicities
– Feminist economies
– Gender violence: representations and practices
– The arts and the construction of gender and sexualities
– Media representations of gender
– Gender and literature
– Gender and religions
– Gender and History
– Gender, nationalisms and imperialism
– Gender, migrations and diasporas
– Gender and the construction of space: architecture and territories
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